Living Room Ideas

Host to TV binges, board game nights, cocktail parties and reading marathons, the living room truly lives up to its name. Creating a space that can help us both entertain and unwind is no easy task - these stylish living rooms are brimming with ideas.

A well-designed living room is all about options: Ample seating, abundant storage and adjustable lighting are the building blocks to a space that we frequently reconfigure on the fly. When it comes to lighting, it's all about layers: Recessed and track lighting brighten the space and help highlight wall art and architectural features, chandeliers and pendants serve as functional decor, and floor and table lamps assist with tasks like reading and homework. After all, it's called a living room, it's meant to move around.

The large, open nature of a living room makes it the perfect space for a statement chandelier. If you have the room, don't be afraid to go big. Sputnik shapes branch out and offer ample lighting, while staggered, multi-light and multi-tier fixtures can tie together upper and lower levels with ease.

In addition to statement chandeliers and recessed lighting, don't forget about the hard-working task light. Look for a floor or table lamp with an adjustable head. A stylish floor reading lamp can highlight wall art during a party, and bring your favorite book to life on those cozy nights in. An adjustable wall light is another great option, often overlooked in the living room. Mount it above a a sectional or chaise, and voila - instant reading nook.

When it comes to color in the living room, don't let your pillows do all the talking. Bright colored lamps, warm metal finishes and color temperature come together to give your space character. Color temperature is perhaps the most crucial. An ideal living room should have dimmable lights or - better yet - Warm Dim or Tunable White technology. With Warm Dim, you can dim your fixture from a bright 3000K or 2700K during the day to a soft 1800K reminiscent of a candle light glow - perfect for movie nights. With Tunable White, you can dial in even further, creating a crisp 4000K space or a blazing 2000K environment reminiscent of the coveted Golden Hour.

When planning your living room lighting, always consider the architecture of your space. Textured walls, alcoves, open shelving, each provide opportunities for architectural lighting that not only elevates the look of your space, but the functionality as well.

In the end, find your mix. A fabulous living room should represent you - your travels, your interests, habits and tastes. Re-purpose something old, buy something new, just make sure your living room is where you want to do just that ... live.

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