Bedroom Ideas

A dreamy bedroom is about comfort and control. Adjustable lighting, plush materials, reading lamps and pale pastels, these serene master suites are the ultimate at-home getaway.

Most rooms in today's home are mutli-purpose, and the bedroom is no different. Maybe it doubles as your home office, your walk-in closet, reading nook or personal escape. No matter how you use it, comfort and control are most important. Abundant lounge options, structured storage and a wide variety of lighting options create a space that lets you unwind as you please.

Reading lights for the bed are one of the most common bedroom upgrades, and make a world of difference. A wall mounted reading light perched above your nightstand assists with those late night book binges without waking your sleeping partner. Look for a swing arm reading light to ensure you can adjust as needed - a quick and easy way to enhance you bedroom to master suite status.

Color is incredibly important in the bedroom, with warmer tones like red, orange and yellow evoking happiness and energy, while cooler hues like blue and green calm and soothe. Whatever hue you choose, make sure your lighting offers the right color temperature to set the proper mood. 3000K and 2700K are typically where you want to be. Of course, dimming is a must in the bedroom, and technologies like Warm Dim and Tunable White give you more control. Tunable White lets you dial into anything between 4000K and 2000K at any brightness level. With the simple tap of a button, you can create a blazing sunset also known as the coveted Golden Hour. Warm Dim helps warm your fixtures as you dim, from 3000K or 27000K down to 1800K, reminiscent of candlelight; great for those romantic nights in.

Table lamps are like candy for the bedroom - they're an opportunity to bring in textures like marble or brass, add a pop of color in a sea of greige or introduce striking shapes that complement the overall aesthetic. Set on the nightstand, they're your quick and easy light source in the middle of the night; the last thing you switch off before you go to bed. If chandeliers are the staple of the dining room, table lamps are the staple of the bedroom.

Neutral palettes in the bedroom create a sense of calm and ease, allowing you to bring in creative design through elements other than color. Organic textures, statement wall sconces and dramatic chandeliers and pendants help break up the monotony in an otherwise monochromatic bedroom.

As with any good design, elements of surprise are a great way to surprise and delight. Bunk beds with built-in reading lights, colorful works of art, iridescent reflections and oversize fixtures take a basic bedroom from standard single to presidential suite.

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