Cory / Paeth

Chicago, Illinois - Lighting Design by Ashley Rutter

One of Chicago's most renowned pharmaceutical communications agencies proves that science and style go hand-in-hand.

In a world of rapidly advancing medical technology, Chicago's Cory / Paeth seeks to synthesize the most complex concepts and relay that information to their clientele in a concise manner. In short, simple makes sense for Cory / Paeth. Their use of tech-forward PureEdge Lighting to upgrade their office's aesthetic only furthers this sentiment. Similar to Cory / Paeth, PureEdge Lighting seeks to make the most technologically advanced product and boil it down to something easy and approachable for any consumer. Two companies, one congruent vision: Make the most of technology and make it easy.

The office interior harnesses the power of the Cirrus and TruLine product families from PureEdge Lighting, creating sleek, low-profile lighting solutions that offer the pinnacle in both efficiency and design. Dark wood accents, deep-hued cabinetry, and intermittent exposed brick capture the elements of the building's past, as the colorful pops of art, integrated architectural lighting, and modern furniture bring the space to the present.

The wall wash effect, often misused, is demystified by the use of a Cirrus wall grazer channel and accompanying channel shield. Used in conjunction, these two elements cast a wide, bright blanket of light across a wall or ceiling, shielding the light away from your eyes and onto your intended canvas. Cirrus linear suspensions chosen as overhead lighting match the visual qualities of their architectural counterparts to create a design continuous throughout the layout of the office.

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