Hammerton Studio
Artisan Glass

Salt Lake City, Utah

Creating extraordinary designs that inspire rather than imitate, Hammerton Studio shows a reverence for artisan craftsmanship and beautiful materials.

Originally started by two men working in a Salt Lake City garage, Hammerton emerged from these humble beginnings to become a leader in American lighting design. Over 25 years later, the company is known for its distinctive, handcrafted lighting and uncompromising commitment to quality and authenticity.

Launched in 2014, the Hammerton Studio brand proudly continues this tradition. Every Hammerton Studio artisan glass design is a truly unique work of art created by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. The glass and metal fabrication teams design, engineer and manufacture all of their glass jigs and tooling in house for extraordinary products with a level of attention and detail that no one else can offer.

In contrast to machine-made glass, each piece tells its own story through tiny variations in dimensions and the slightest imperfections. Years of patience and painstaking practice go into perfecting these intricate designs, and the results are truly extraordinary.

Upon closer look, each piece of glass reveals its own intricate, organic texture. This is how artisan glass lights cast fascinating shadows on the surrounding ceilings and walls, adding dramatic effects and atmosphere. Streamlined fixture designs contrast with these glass diffusers, allowing them to shine in ways that could be described as otherworldly.

The precision of Hammerton Studio products is truly impressive. For example, it would be impossible to tell that the blown glass buds of the elegant mid-century-inspired Fiori Modern Branch Chandelier were each created by hand. Stunners like the Tempest Linen Drum Pendant reveal a clean, streamlined approach to blown glass that seems almost too perfect to be handcrafted.

Hammerton Studio embraces and reimagines all kinds of materials to craft its visionary lights, including woven steel mesh, bronze, mica, aluminum and crystal. One of the things that makes this brand so special is the extensive range of styles in its collection. Whether streamlined, modern, celestial or nature-inspired, Hammerton Studio is amazingly versatile, offering a brilliant solution to elevate every style and space.

From one-of-a-kind outdoor wall lights to statement-making suspensions, Hammerton Studio's artisan lighting is truly authentic. When looking for that special something to take your project from finished to phenomenal, look no further than this American original.

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