Flex Neon & Saber
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Meet the smooth, new take on architectural and string lighting - Flex Neon and Saber. The versatile and innovative Flex Neon lighting system works both indoors and out, bending either up or down, left or right, making it the perfect solution to accentuate curves, walls and all types of architectural elements. Run it around the perimeter of a pool, highlight a concrete archway, encircle a cactus garden - the continuous strip of LED housed within a proprietary silicone lens offers superior color quality and performance without visible pixelation. It’s the new face of neon, built to weather the storm.

While Flex Neon is great for architectural features, Saber offers a similar look, but as a suspension. Tension hung, Saber creates dynamic light installations that span from wall to wall, wall to ceiling or floor to ceiling. For a complete outdoor upgrade, combine Flex Neon and Saber, lighting up everything from perimeters to patio to pergola - the result is warm, atmospheric and magical.

Flex Neon is available in both round and flat lens versions for surface or flush mounting. Both Flex Neon and Saber are available in nine different color temperatures, including Warm Dim and Tunable White options, as well as dynamic color changing RGB and RGB+W. Turn your design vision into light today! Our certified lighting experts are here to help.

Flex Neon

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