February 6, 2019

Best Midcentury
Modern Lighting

Originating from prevalent design features from the era of roughly 1945 to 1975, midcentury modern design captures the timeless traditions and successes of past design eras and mixes in contemporary inspirations. This type of design results in a multitude of routes to a desired result. To create this effect in your home or space and seamlessly integrate enduring design it’s important to evaluate a fixture from multiples angles and perspectives. We’ve hand selected a collection of items that best express the revival of midcentury modern and will help any space incorporate elements in which function is as important as form.

Sputnik Chandelier by Jonathan Adler

Another iconic classic to consider, the Sputnik Collection gives more than a celestial vibe to a room, it brings flashy brilliance and an artsy accessorization while lit or unlit. Add this fixture as a statement piece with muted tones or as the final integration fixture for your midcentury modern scheme.

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Paige Chandelier by Mitzi

Nothing says midcentury like the diffused light emanating from an opal orb. Mitzi nails the midcentury modern revival with this piece and their Paige Collection is full of more midcentury gems to choose from.

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Cigar Wall Sconce by George Nelson

George Nelson designed one of the first bubble pendants in 1947, sparking a trend of bulbous pendant design that permeated throughout an entire era of architectural history. This sconce draws inspiration from Nelson’s iconic design but integrates the modern technology and movement in a chic fashion. While this piece seems to navigate the border of vintage and modern, it’s sure to add life to a variety of territories. In fact, the whole collection is worth perusing for midcentury inspiration.

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Arco Floor Lamp by Flos Lighting

No midcentury modern style list would be complete without the arching reach of an arc floor lamp. While designed for utility, the size of this midcentury arc lamp gives it no other option than to be a statement piece. This one doesn’t catch your eye? Find the rest of the timeless arc lamps here.

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Julien Wall/Ceiling Light from Hudson Valley Lighting

Available in nickel or aged brass, the Julien fixture complements the aspects of midcentury modern design. Its classic geometric shape fits the aura of midcentury while the concave back plate helps diffuse soft, ambient LED light. For additional ideas shop more Julien inspiration.

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Brubeck Wall Light by Delightfull

Featuring hand welded brass tubes, this light brings life to a space with a unique lighting effect that sparkles light from within and cascades illumination vertically. The piece draws its artistic touch from its embodiment of a pipe organ, a classic theme prevalent in the midcentury epoch. Contrast this piece with a dark background for a unique spark or integrate it into a lighter tone for a harmonious ambience. See Brubeck collection here.

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IC T1 High Table Lamp by Flos Lighting

Midcentury architecture was rife with minimalistic beauty and abrupt function. This table lamp beautifully integrates these two concepts with a dimmable opal blown glass diffuser available in black, brass, or chrome. Flos Lighting does an effective job of creating nostalgic pieces with the most modern approach. Shop more of the IC collection here.

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PH 5 Pendant by Louis Poulsen

According to designer Poul Christiansen this classic pendant summarizes and integrates the components of design from 1969-1987. Modernized with the option of LED, the pendant comes in a variety of vintage color schemes and effortlessly diffuses glare-free light downward and laterally.

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Puzzle Wall Light by Jonathan Adler

Inspired by a house of cards, the Puzzle Wall Light is made of sheets of solid brass layered in a dynamic composition. The structural geometry is tempered by a warm brass glow. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

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NH Wall Light by Artemide

A unique approach to wall lighting, Artemide has crafted this midcentury inspired piece which seems to pop even more in-person. Employing eco-friendly design, low-consumption LED diffusion, and sustainable cardboard packaging, the entire NH Collection is a marriage of midcentury design with modern specifications and manufacturing techniques.

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Cranbook Low Profile Ceiling Fan by Hunter Fan

Match the zeitgeist of Midcentury Modern by adding a pastel hue and the pendant-inspired design of the Cranbook Ceiling Fan. Described as both “vintage and current” this piece fits snugly with the aura of the Midcentury. With the utilization of the WhisperWind motor, the fan outputs whisper-quiet performance so you get the cooling power you want without the noise. Available in Pastel Mint or Gloss Black.

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Upbeat Table Lamp by Currey and Company

A variety of vintage color options gives this versatile table lamp the ability to fit into a multitude of designs. The terracotta base gives the midcentury touch a boost and the geometric design finishes the look with pleasing parity.

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Jolie Side Table by Arteriors Home

Described by Arteriors as a “midcentury dream”, the Jolie Side Table brings a natural wood finish, antique brass legs, and the nostalgic tiered design common to the era. Small enough to tuck within a crowded space but big enough for functional storage and display, this side table gives clean lines and organic curves.

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Saucer Pendant by George Nelson

Nothing brings out the vintage vibe of the midcentury more than a modern take on the legendary Saucer Pendant. Utilized extensively within the era, this collection of fixtures provides a beautiful complement to contemporary interiors.

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Audacious Cabinet by Umage

Corrugated fabrics and exteriors were a hallmark of midcentury trends and this cabinet brings retro color with classic oval shaping. The exterior corrugation wraps around the oval’s border to reveal a spacious interior perfect for storage of spirits, books, or your favorite design accessories.

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Vienna Large Chandelier by Jonathan Adler

Luminous, frosted white glass dangling from shimmering metallic chains give this chandelier the pop it needs to stand out yet beautifully integrates many delicate, vintage design concepts. For a slightly more fun, less formal variation don’t forget to check out the Vienna Globe Chandelier as well.

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Viaggio Chandelier w/ Opal Glass by Tech Lighting

If you’re looking for one of the best integrations of the midcentury aura with modern technology then look no further. Artistic clusters of glass orbs, weaving brass infrastructure, a pleasing yet untraditional symmetry; the Viaggio collection seems to have it all.

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Midcentury Modern design is at once timeless and nostalgic.
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