The Future of Lighting

These 14 Rooms are
the Future of Lighting

In case you haven’t noticed, lighting is having a moment right now. A renaissance. Not since the invention of the lightbulb has there been more exciting developments in the ways we create and manipulate light. LED lighting has changed the game, offering design possibilities that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Light as art is becoming more popular in homes, hotels, and offices around the world. From the extravagant to the understated, here are 14 in wall LED and in ceiling LED installs by PureEdge Lighting that have totally nailed creative architectural lighting. The future looks oh so bright...

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Office (in) Space

Criss-crossing lines of light make this shared office space an inspiring work environment.

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Truline Lighting

Bathed in Light

Staggered parallel lines wrap the corner of this shower wall, providing light while conserving space in this small bathroom.

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Truline Lighting

Floating on a Dream

Recessed wall and undermount lighting create a floating effect in this downtown master suite.

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Verge Lighting

Wonder Wall

Textured, marble walls come to life with the help of a wall grazer.

Stratus wall grazer
Stratus Wall Grazer Lighting

Off the Wall

A hanging linear suspension meets in-wall linear lighting, blurring the lines between architecture and workspace.

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Cirrus Suspension Lighting

Line Art

Two simple lines of light define this accent wall, focusing the eye to the wall art and highlighting the desk’s strikingly clean form.

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Truline Lighting

The Fast Lane

Zig-zag lines convey movement – used perfectly in this minimalist space to draw attention to the fast lane.

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Truline Lighting

City Lights

Dots and dashes add a tech-savvy vibe to this masculine, contemporary Chicago penthouse.

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Aurora Lighting

Future Frame

A simple rectangle of light creates a minimalist wall feature, perfect for outlining floating bookshelves, accentuating treasured artwork, or even creating a bulletin board.

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Truline Lighting

Capture the Sun

A floating skylight with Tunable White technology mimics the sun, creating a dreamy, romantic atmosphere in this contemporary minimalist bedroom.

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Reveal Lighting

Modern Movement

Criss-crossing lines make a bold statement in this expressive living room, serving as a complete work of art.

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Truline Lighting

A Step Above

Lighting a stairwell with a strip near the floor is both safe and stylish, easy on the eyes during those midnight treks down to the kitchen.

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Reveal Lighting

Future Vanity

Outfitted with Tunable White controls, this abstract bathroom install saves precious space and becomes a functional focal point.

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Truline Lighting

Architectural Lighting

A recessed cove and criss-crossing lines of light complement Jeanne Gang’s design for the new Vista Tower, Chicago’s third-tallest building slated to open in 2020.

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Truline Lighting