October 4, 2018

Step Inside Sugary Stylist @HotPinkPineapples’
Colorful LA Apartment

LA-based Cynthia Moreno - @hotpinkpineapples - has carved a name for herself as one of Instagram’s most colorful creatives. Her feed is every hue under the sun, and then some - sorbet summer homes in Palm Springs, pastel pool parties in Miami, saturated landscapes and her adorable Frenchie Dolly. Cyn creates dreamscapes full of life, style and personality - Lisa Frank meets L’Officiel.

So when her colorful LA apartment needed a makeover, she knew the importance of proper lighting. We caught up with Cyn to chat color, creativity and her chic new mid-century modern chandelier.

First off, where did you get the name @hotpinkpineapples?

Honestly, it kind of just came to me. I had recently dyed my hair pink and I wanted something kitschy; HotPinkPineapples just seemed right. Also the pineapple is a symbol for welcoming, so that’s cool.

Is color something you’ve been obsessed with from childhood?

You know, my mom’s Cuban and in Cuba everything is pretty bright and pastel. I think my mom somehow instilled the passion for color in me even though I went through more of a muted color phase in college. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been drawn back to color as you may have noticed.

How important is lighting in what you do?

Lighting is absolutely everything. It sets the mood, it controls how guests experience your home. You can have a beautifully designed space but if it’s not lit correctly, then you’re holding it back from it’s full potential.

Was reaching this level of success on Instagram something that took you by surprise, or is there a lot more that goes into it that we don’t see?

A little bit of both. I created my Instagram purely as a creative outlet, and never went into it as a place where I could or would be any sort of success. When my following grew and I realized it could help me have my own design business, I took it very seriously. I work very hard in creating images that hopefully inspire creativity and design.

You can have a beautifully designed space but if it’s not lit correctly, then you’re holding it back from it’s full potential.

From the Saguaro Palm Springs to the Brady Bunch house - how do you find out about these incredibly colorful destinations?

I do a lot of research. One of the most beautiful parts about social media is the community. Everyone loves to share with each other, and I find many locations through word of mouth. I’ve also found that once you put yourself out there and share your passion, others will reach out to share places you have to go see.

What are some of your most favorite colorful spots you’ve visited?

Definitely Miami, Hawaii, and of course, Palm Springs.

Tell us about your LA apartment - what is your overall style and aesthetic?

I guess my aesthetic is mainly clean with pops of color. I really love creating a neutral space and then adding little bright additions of color, and incorporating touches of rich textures like brass.

How important is lighting in your space, and how did this remodel project come about?

Lighting is probably the most essential thing in a space. For a long time, using the pre-installed fixtures in my apartment, I had adequate but certainly not good lighting. I definitely felt limited living in an apartment. Eventually, I realized I could always install fixtures if I wanted to, and just take them when I moved out. This remodel came about because we literally needed more light in our living room, and I wanted something beautiful to elevate the quality and feel of our apartment.

You chose the Astoria chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting in Aged Brass - what drew you to this piece?

I loved the modern shape of this piece, blended with classic design and aged brass. I thought it would be an incredible statement piece for the living room, and from a functional standpoint it’s very practical, as it creates a ton of light. This chandelier helps evolve our apartment from appearing standard and temporary to more of a permanent home.

Now that you’ve browsed for lighting, what other brands or fixtures caught your eye?

I love Louis Poulsen and their color palette, especially that mod Panthella collection. Oh and anything by Jonathan Adler, he’s incredible. And I loooove Arteriors, they are one of my favs for sure.

Finally, can we show the world your adorable Frenchie Dolly?

Well of course!!! I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with my Dolly girl.

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