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High-tech, customizable and fully scalable, today’s advanced lighting systems allow you to build a fixture that fits your needs, big or small. Whether planning an open office, expansive hotel lobby, restaurant, retail space or beyond, our diverse selection of custom build light systems hang from the ceiling, plaster into the wall, recess into the floor and so much more.

Pipeline by PureEdge Lighting

Mimicking the shapes found in exposed ceilings, the Pipeline modular lighting system is designed for today’s open offices, downtown lofts and urban restaurants. Attach track heads and pendants, run it up a wall, around a corner, across the ceiling - the sky’s the limit.

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TruTrack Recessed Track by PureEdge Lighting

Recessed, contemporary, customizable and effortless to install, TruTrack recessed track lighting eliminates the rail, saving on space while keeping the flexibility and adjustability of traditional track. Designed to install into 5/8” drywall, you won’t need to work around studs or joists. Light artwork, highlight architectural features or brighten your space for everyday tasks.

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Plaster-In Systems by PureEdge Lighting

Thanks to products like TruLine and Verge, plaster-in architectural lighting is evolving leaps and bounds. Installing into 5/8” drywall makes it easy to add sleek lines of LED to the ceiling, walls, doorway and beyond, without needing to work around studs or joists. Light open shelving or open offices, highlight distinct architectural features, create an eye-catching futuristic display. PureEdge builds the tools, now let the drywall be your canvas.

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Cirrus and Nova Modular by PureEdge Lighting

Like an erector set that lights up, the Cirrus and Nova Modular systems from PureEdge Lighting allow you to add sleek, minimalist bars of lighting right where you need it. Fasten them to the ceiling, suspend in midair, form squares, diamonds, crosses and grids; Cirrus and Nova Modular offer a wide variety of options to ensure your projects shines exactly like you want it.

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Surface Track by PureEdge Lighting

Tight to the ceiling, no suspension rail required, Surface Track offers flexible, adjustable spot lights without taking up too much space. Great for lower ceilings and desired, open views, Surface Track lights artwork, long tables, lobby desks and beyond without intruding into your vertical space.

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Constellation by Sonneman

Bright the beauty of a night sky to your next big project. Sonneman’s Constellation collection beautifully connects the dots, peppering any large open space with rods of Satin Nickel and LED stars. Available in a variety of configurations, including Ursa Major and Minor, Constellation is a perfect fit for condo lobbies, atriums, offices or dining spaces.

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Votives by Sonneman

Like candles floating in midair, the Votives collection by Sonneman is perfectly suited for more intimate settings. Long wall sconces and linear pendants run parallel to extended dining room tables, while frosted glass votives float atop the bars giving the appearance of a row of candles. Setting the mood has never been easier.

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Suspenders by Sonneman

A truly configurable system ready to take on even the largest of spaces, Suspenders by Sonneman create sculptural, multi-tiered lighting with relative ease. Choose from a variety of configurations: Truss, Linear, Ring, Grid (and more), then choose your luminaire and you’re ready to build. A variety of light sources offer focused light or a more ambient, indirect glow. Even with the lights off, Suspenders truly shine.

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Lash by Molto Luce

One of the more organic-looking light systems, Lash delivers bright, diffused light with sculptural appeal. Group Lash together to create a stunning work of art on the wall or ceiling, suspend them in midair like a contemporary pendant, no matter what you do, the result is sure to be stunning.

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Seraph by Blackjack Lighting

Like stars in a night sky, the Seraph multi light pendant features 25 minimalist tubes of LED, able to bunch together to create an endless sea of light. The perfect lighting for an open office, shared workspace, hotel lobby or expansive atrium. The sky truly is the limit (and the inspiration).

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Wireflow by Vibia

Available in a variety of configurations and geometric shapes, Wireflow by Vibia is the perfect solution when you need long, linear pendants of focused light. String them above a conference room table, lobby desk or library workspace. Create your own unique configuration, as big or as small as you need, all with a minimalist style complementary to just about any interior.

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Alo by Viso

Beautiful stems of Mirrored Silver, Mirrored Copper, Mirrored Gold or Hairline Bronze - capped with LED discs - the Alo pendant by designer Filipe Lisboa for Viso is like a contemporary bouquet from the future. Beautiful as a single suspension, the Alo truly comes to life when grouped as 3, 5, 9, 14, 26 or 36 pendants.

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