August 14, 2019

Material World:
Metal, Marble, Wood & More

Design goes well beyond visual aesthetics. In fact, some might argue that the most important element behind any great product is the material itself. In a world of mass-produced plastic and particle board, textures like hand-blown glass, sculpted ceramics, hammered metal and woven rattan carry a thoughtful, artisanal quality, warming up any interior with that extra human touch. Transform the textural landscape of your next project with a more diverse palette.


Just about every fixture today has a little metal in it, but some just have that extra rockstar quality. Matte black and brass, vintage gold, hammered bronze and polished chrome - metals can look luxe and glamorous or worn and industrial. Whatever vibe you're going for, we forged a list of the best.

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Hand-blown, Czech, smokey and seeded, glass lights come in a surprising variety of options. From stained glass pendant lights to glass globes and frosted shades, these fixtures bring smooth texture and a subtle shimmer to any space. So let's raise a glass.

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Strong, sturdy, matte or smooth, concrete is one of those materials that can take on a new life when paired properly. A composite material made from a variety of stones, concrete can actually appear quite soft with warm lights, warm metals and natural woods. Industrial to the eye, organic to the touch, mix a little concrete into your next project.

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From walnut, sandalwood and birch to oak and maple, wood brings an element of natural, earthy warmth to any space. Expressive wood grain, rustic wood finishes and stylish wood veneers can make even the most standard light fixture come to life.

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From the Taj Mahal to the statues of ancient Greece, marble has long been the material of choice for everything grand and luxurious. Whether looking for a Carrara marble lamp or a Levadia black marble cocktail table, our selection of swirly stone designs will elevate any interior.

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Clay pottery, terracotta tile, bone china tableware and porcelain pendants, the world of ceramics is vast and highly creative. Matte ceramics bring texture to a space, while glossy ceramics add shimmer. When it comes to lighting, ceramics blur the line between form and function thanks to painted table lamps and sculptural suspensions. Give your next project a surprising artistic touch.

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Woven woods, braided rope, macram and cane work, the world of fibers is full of surprising techniques and textures. Nothing brings that earthy, organic feel to a space quite like a bamboo pendant, wicker chair or a jute mirror. Our natural selection is enough to make Darwin proud.

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Handpicked Favorites

JWDA Marble Table Lamp
$370 - $475
Stitches Bamako Pendant
by LZF
$1,190 - $1,450
Bola Disc Wall / Ceiling Light
by Pablo
$395 - $1,125
Nur Pendant
by Dounia Home
Flow S5 Pendant
by Wonderglass
Cranton Hexagonal Pendant
by Original BTC
James Chandelier
by Arteriors Home
Knot Sfera Pendant
by Brokis
$3,045 - $4,101