August 16, 2018

NOON Home:
The Bay-Area Startup Making Your Lights Smarter

It seems the smart home of the future is all about control. We tell our Amazon Echo or Google Home to play our favorite song. We check our nanny cams and security systems from across the city to ensure everything is in its place. And we program our Nest device to warm up bedroom or cool down the kitchen as we go about our day.

Lighting is experiencing its own evolution. Philips Hue changed the game with their line of app-controlled, color-shifting bulbs and fixtures. LIFX, GE, Lutron, Legrand and a swath of others have tapped into the smart home market, but one Bay-area startup is changing the game: NOON Home.

How It Works

Most smart light switches tether you to a specific lighting ecosystem. If you buy a smart switch, you must buy a smart fixture, or a smart bulb. NOON Home breaks that rule, working with your existing fixtures and bulbs to help bring your home into the 21st century without a full lighting remodel.

Controlling your lights with NOON Home is quick and easy. You can either use the NOON Home app on your phone or tablet, or use the futuristic touch screen switches, which must be installed in each room that you’d like to control. Equipped with automatic bulb-detection technology, NOON Home effortlessly pairs with your existing light fixtures via Bluetooth and your smart devices via WiFi to create various atmospheres that suit your mood.

Getting Started

It all starts with the Room Director switch - think of it as your own personal live-in lighting designer. The Room Director allows you to coordinate with Extension Switches to expand your lighting scenes. Any fixture that’s on a switch can be controlled with NOON Home.

Smart Features

Room scenes are programmable settings that let you create a mood with a simple swipe, tap or voice command. “Movie Time” might be dim and intimate, “Homework Hour” could be brighter and more focused, “Party Time” may turn on colored lights and music with IFTTT.

Voice-activated commands allow you to go hands-free, tapping into Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant when your hands are full.

Motion-activated controls serve as helpful guides in the hallway or bathroom, when lighting your way in the middle of the night is crucial.

Vacation mode utilizes machine learning, turning your lights on and off automatically when you’re away to mimic your typical routine and give the impression that someone is home.

Control from afar, no matter where you are, you can see if the lights were left on, turn them all off or switch on vacation mode with one simple tap on your smartphone or tablet.

Ready to enlighten your home? Shop NOON Home.