January 16, 2019

Living Large:
The Best Big Light Fixtures for Big Spaces

Lighting is not one-size-fits-all. There are some projects that require you to go B I G. What defines big? Extra large chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes. You might want a multi-light pendant, cascading down an open stairway. Or perhaps several stunning large chandeliers for a hotel lobby or foyer. Or maybe you need a grand lighting system that fills an open office. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite large-and-in-charge lights for every scenario, ensuring you both big lights and big style.

Pix Sticks by PureEdge Lighting

Minimalist bars of LED lighting, staggered and hanging in abstract form, the Pix Sticks series from PureEdge lighting allows you to build your dream fixture, pairing wood, metal, 3 lights, 5 lights, 7 lights, Warm Dim technology and more. Scale it down for an open dining space, or scale it up for a grand entryway or downtown loft. No matter what you choose, it’ll shine.

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Mega Multi Light Pendants by Tom Dixon

London’s king of contemporary creates larger-than-life fixtures, perfect for making a splash in a chic boutique hotel or fashion-forward restaurant. His Mega multi light pendants pull from some of his most famous designs, including Melt, Beat, Mirror, Etch, Cut, Range, and Top. Go big in style.

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Seraph Square Multi Light Pendant by Blackjack Lighting

Like stars in a night sky, the Seraph multi light pendant features 25 minimalist tubes of LED, able to bunch together to create an endless sea of light. The perfect lighting for an open office, shared workspace, hotel lobby or expansive atrium. The sky truly is the limit (and the inspiration).

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Heracleum by Moooi

Perpetually in bloom, the Heracleum collection from Moooi scales in style. From the budding small LED suspension to the Heracleum Big O and the Endless linear chandelier, there’s no space the Heracleum won’t blossom. Art Museums, open office spaces, downtown condos and fashion boutiques alike, make your next big project shine.

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Wireflow by Vibia

Available in a variety of configurations and geometric shapes, Wireflow by Vibia is the perfect solution when you need long, linear pendants of focused light. String them above a conference room table, lobby desk or library workspace. Create your own unique configuration, as big or as small as you need, all with a minimalist style complementary to just about any interior.

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Bubble Ball Multi-Light Pendant by PureEdge Lighting

Dozens of glass balls, suspended in midair and brimming with light and bubbles - it’s the perfect statement piece for an atrium, a lobby, or cascading down the center of a multi-story stairway. Choose from single to 17 lights, linear or round, or bunch them together. If you’re looking for a pop of color, choose from Blue, Amber or Red, or stick with the classic Clear.

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Mesh Suspension by Luceplan

Sleek pucks of LED, entwined in a network of flexible cables - the Mesh suspension by Luceplan makes a stylish, theatrical statement while giving off ample light. The open, airy design keeps the fixture feeling light, and makes it the perfect light for bars, restaurants and hotels alike.

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Constellation by Sonneman

Bring the beauty of a night sky to your next big project. Sonneman’s Constellation collection beautifully connects the dots, peppering any large open space with rods of Satin Nickel and LED “stars.” Available in a variety of configurations, including Ursa Major and Minor, Constellation is a perfect fit for condo lobbies, atriums, offices or dining spaces. Just be prepared for a flood of stargazers ...

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Tina by Arturo Alvarez

Warm, boisterous and handmade in Spain, The Tina chandelier from Arturo Alvarez groups five fringe pendants for a look that’s one part glamour, one part rock and roll. Group them together for a spectacular large scale project, perfect for a theater or museum. Can you guess which singer these were named after?

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Alo by Viso

Beautiful stems of Mirrored Silver, Mirrored Copper, Mirrored Gold or Hairline Bronze - capped with LED discs - the Alo pendant by designer Filipe Lisboa for Viso is like a contemporary bouquet from the future. Beautiful as a single suspension, the Alo truly comes to life when grouped as 3, 5, 9, 14, 26 or 36 pendants.

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Raimond by Moooi

Like fireworks suspended in time, the Raimond collection from Moooi plays with scale and size to allow even the largest spaces to shine. The single Raimond pendant or Zafu work for intimate dining spaces, but when paired with several Raimond XL pendants, create a show-stopping display perfect for upscale restaurants, hotel lobbies, urban condos and beyond.

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Hope Suspension by Luceplan

Glamorous with a futuristic edge, the Hope suspension from Luceplan uses impinted microprisms on polycarbonate film to achieve a stunning, shimmering effect similar to glass, but without the weight. Sizes ranging from 28” to 79” allow you to group several together, for a truly inspiring look that can fill anything from an atrium to an airport.

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Extra Large Fixtures

Double Cirque Chandelier
by Hubbardton Forge
Crown Major Chandelier
by Nemo
$3,855 - $8,325
Meurice Rectangular Chandelier
by Jonathan Adler
Stream Linear Chandelier
by Terzani USA
$22,600 - $28,100
Ellisse Double Pendant
by Nemo
$2,539 - $3,159
Tribes Chandelier
by tossB
Tears From Moon Linear Chandelier
by Ilfari
$21,600 - $32,451
Il Pezzo 3 Endless Chandelier
by Il Pezzo Mancante
$18,876 - $34,320
Matheny Tier Suspension
by Delightfull
$12,190 - $18,090