September 6, 2019

Petite Friture de Près

French brand Petite Friture spent over ten years curating a diverse and prolific portfolio of work, partnering with visionary designers along the way. Whereas most brands strive for a specific aesthetic, Petite Friture aims for optimism and freedom. Optimism to bring out the best of everything, the shared pleasure in an uplifting encounter. Freedom to create something without restraint. This philosophical approach keeps Petite Friture on the cutting edge, grounded only by inspiration, exploring bold new ideas other studios won’t touch.

We partner with designers who know who they are. We don’t want thousands of partnerships, we want good ones.
-Amélie du Passage, Founder of Petite Friture

The quest for the right partners appears to be working, as Petite Friture’s catalog continues to garner critical acclaim. From the big and bold Vertigo pendant to the colorful Francis wall mirror, every Petite Friture piece stands alone as a signature work of art.

The Vertigo is one of our most popular fixtures, but originally Constance Guisset [the designer] was having difficulty finding someone willing to take on the challenge of making something so large. I went up to Constance and said ‘I want it as is.’ It was love at first site.
-Amélie du Passage

Petite Friture’s willingness to embrace even the wildest idea results in a beautifully curated collection of fun yet functional pieces that each tell a story. Cherry by Australian design duo Danial • Emma playfully flips an aluminum cone and metallic sphere to create an inverted treat with the cherry on bottom. Petstools, by Hanna Emelie Ernstring, introduce us to Ella, Daisy and Fin, quilted creatures meant to comfort in a variety of ways. Mask by Federico Floriani delivers geometrical colored mirrors in the style of a shamanic mask, begging the question what are we truly looking at in the mirror?

We know that we’re not neutral. We want to punch, but in a very positive way.
-Amélie du Passage