Il Pezzo Mancante:
New Italian Luxury with Cosimo Terzani
August 2, 2017

Cosimo Terzani is no stranger to the design world. His father Sergio founded Terzani | La Luce Pensata in 1972, a highly celebrated Italian brand redefining luxury, art and craftsmanship. For nine years, Cosimo served as Creative Director for the Florence-based family brand, leaving his mark on a variety of collections and honing his skills in design.

In 2007, Cosimo met Tuscan-based designer Barbara Bertocci, sparking a creative drive to design, build, and create something extraordinary. Il Pezzo Mancante--The Missing Piece--was born. The design duo began to ideate and develop an eloquent voice that, by 2010, had realized itself in their first full collection.

We knew we wanted to be an atelier right from the start. We’re not making pieces for the masses, we’re making unique works of art by hand.

Every piece of furniture and lighting is carefully crafted at the Il Pezzo Mancante Atelier in Florence. Cosimo and Barbara’s well-trained eye for quality raw materials, artisan culture and cutting-edge technology paired with their small team of expert craftsmen to drive a distinct vision that’s sweeping the design world. In fact, Philippe Starck chose their Il Pezzo 3 chandelier for Ramses.Life, a stylish restaurant near Madrid’s Parque de El Retiro. by Philippe Starck, Madrid, Spain
The Rosewood by Philippe Starck, São Paulo, Brazil

Inspired by Arabic calligraphic art, hand-forged from brass and designed with the latest LED technology, the Il Pezzo 3 collection highlights the Il Pezzo Mancante vision like no other. In fact, internationally acclaimed French designer Philippe Starck chose the Il Pezzo 3 chandelier for two of his global projects: Ramses.Life, a stylish restaurant near Madrid’s Parque de El Retiro, and the Rosewood São Paulo, a luxury hotel and spa within Cidade Matarazzo.

When we’re focused on creating a piece, it really becomes its own inspiration. The design matures over time--from sketch to finish--each piece truly has its own evolution.

Every piece of Il Pezzo Mancante furniture and lighting comes with a small hidden brass cylinder, containing a serial number which seals the authenticity and uniqueness. It’s a celebration of ambition, a nod to the continuous research that moves us to new horizons. It’s the missing piece.