Plaster-In Architectural Lighting Systems
by PureEdge Lighting

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The future of lighting is here, and it’s fully customizable. Plaster-in architectural lighting is evolving leaps and bounds, allowing for some of the most creative lighting installations and solutions on the market today. Thanks to lines like TruLine, TruQuad and Verge, sleek lines of built-in LED light hallways, stairwells, open shelving and open offices. Highlight a distinct architectural feature by adding light and shadow; create an eye-catching futuristic display in a hotel lobby or downtown club. Today’s technology allows you to create just about anything.

Let the drywall be your canvas and push the boundaries of traditional lighting design.

Install With Ease

Even the most simple looking architectural lighting can become a complex problem behind the walls. Fortunately, PureEdge Lighting’s plaster-in systems recess into 5/8“ drywall, allowing you total freedom to design the lighting you want without worrying about studs or joists. Create stunning lines of light in your ceiling, direct attention in a retail space or window display, brighten up a dark corner or criss-cross streaks of LED for something truly unique.

High Tech Features

Installation aside, PureEdge Lighting’s plaster-in lighting systems use the latest LED technology, ensuring high CRI and total control. Warm Dim and Tunable White technology give you even more control of your atmosphere, allowing you to set the mood any time of day. With Warm Dim, you can dial up to a crisp 3000K or 2700K when you want that daytime sunlight, or dial down to a nice warm 1800K for that intimate, candlelight glow. Tunable White expands on this idea, allowing you to choose any color temperature at any brightness, perfect for hotels, nightclubs and bars.

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