Randy Jensen

Randy Jensen

ALA Lighting Specialist at Lightology

email:  rjensen@lightology.com
tel: (773) 770-1181

Day Off: Saturday

Assistant: Michelle Nunez
tel. (773) 770-1138

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Client Testimonials

Great minds think alike - thanks for your assistance. I appreciate people that know what they are talking about.


Very good, and very nice customer service.

Judy K.

I've always appreciated your great service and I will definitely keep working with you at Lightology! Thanks!

Shawna F.

Randy is super helpful and responsive . THANK YOU

Daniella C.

Randy was very helpful and went beyond our need to help us.

Meera P.

Randy was really helpful and was great to work with. Glad he was there!


Randy was most helpful, resolved a problem/situation I've been trying to solve for 10 years plus. Thank you for this type of support.


Randy was EXTREMELY helpful, and even more so on a Sunday night at 9pm, very impressive!

Jason W.

Randy answered critical questions via chat in order for me to make this purchase. Many thanks to him for his expertise, product familiarity, and patience!

Virgil W

Work Experience:

  • Lighting Showroom Manager at a boutique for 11 years
    • Lighting E-Commerce Specialist since 2011


    • Graduate of Metro State College, Denver, CO.
    • ALA Certified Lighting Consultant
    • Certified American Lighting Association Lighting Consultant

    Areas of Knowledge:

    • Rail & Track Systems
    • LED Lighting Systems
    • Vendor Product Knowledge
    • Lighting Product Management
    • Set Decoration
    • Decorative Lighting
    • Interesting Facts about Me:

      • I love photography and music. I love Spotify and have thousands of followers worldwide on my playlists! My partner is an interior design with whom I stage luxury properties. I have a passion for Italian and Mid-Century Modern Design