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LED technology is evolving at breakneck speed, giving us more colors, more options and more control than ever before. HCL research shows that not all colors of light have the same effect on us. Many people remember bringing their first LED bulbs home, only to find their living room bathed in cold, bright blue light. While that may be ideal for an office environment, laundry room or a gym--where focusing is coveted--it’s less than ideal in a bedroom or spa, and may even be harmful to our health if exposed during the wrong hours of the day, negatively affecting our Circadian Rhythm.

There are several LED technology options available, it’s simply a matter of finding the one that best fits your needs:

Static White
Non-dimmable | 2400K - 5700K

Perfect for spaces where you don’t need to dim, Static White LEDs maintain the same color temperature at all times. For a bright white light in a gym setting, where maximum alertness is crucial, go with a 57K Static White. For an office or laundry room, consider a Static White LED between 27K and 40K. No matter which temperature you choose, dimming a Static White LED results in what is known as “Cold Dim,” an unpleasant hue and lumen output akin to the sky prior to a bad storm. Lights at this setting often produce an unpleasant, uneasy experience - something embedded in our evolutionary biology.

Warm Dim
Dimmable | 2700K - 3000K

Lighting plays an important role in our Circadian Rhythm. Bright, cool lights help us stay alert and active, while soft, amber hues help us wind down. Warm Dim technology mimics what our bodies and minds need. Dial up a 3000K Warm Dim fixture and you have bright white light akin to a noon sun. Dial down a 2700K Warm Dim fixture for those warm, amber glows reminiscent of candle light. Our bodies are at ease under this hue, and our skin looks better than ever -- it’s what photographers call ‘the golden hour.'


How does Warm Dim differ from other lights? Standard LEDs dim from bright white to cool blue. Incandescent and halogen bulbs are a warm orange, no matter what brightness they’re set at. Warm Dim technology takes the best of both worlds, offering the perfect hue and brightness when you need it most.

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Tunable White
Dimmable | 2000K - 4000K

Today’s smart home is all about control. We can adjust the temperature with the tap of an app, set music to follow us from room to room, and everything in between. Why not take control of your lighting? With Tunable White technology, choosing the perfect brightness and hue is at your fingertips. Dynamic / Tunable White is an LED system with a variable Kelvin color temperature range from 2000K to 4000K.

In the morning, set your lighting to slowly rise to a blazing orange like the sun at dawn. Dial up the brightness and hue to 4000K in the bathroom, when grooming and getting ready. Turn down the brightness but keep the white light while watching TV, or hone in on the soft reds at 2000K for a romantic night in. The options -- and moods -- are endless.

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