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From energy-efficiencey and durability to beautiful designs, Luceplan creates interior and exterior lighting that enhances the quality of living.

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Berenice Reflector Accessory
by Luceplan USA
$55 - $130
Hope 43 Suspension
by Luceplan USA
Hope Pendant
by Luceplan USA
$1,830 - $2,365
Hope 79 Suspension
by Luceplan USA
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About Luceplan USA

Luceplan was set up with the object of creating and producing interior and exterior lighting and to enhance the quality of living. Energy saving is therefore a top priority and cannot be confined to the ratio of lighting to energy consumption: it must embrace the environmental compatibility of our whole operation from choice of materials to the manufacturing process, from product durability to product maintenance. Luceplan believes if an light fixture is to last, it needs to be beautiful as well as technologically sound. But a long-lasting product also offers better environmental compatibility and it outlives fashions.