Lumen Center Italia

As indicated by their name, Lumen Center Italia is an exemplar of Italian design - and each fixture is designed and produced in Italy. Their strong cultural roots of luxury and aesthetics are preserved, even as they push forward with contemporary design.

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// Top Sellers from Lumen Center Italia//

Coral Chandelier
by Lumen Center Italia
$3,096 - $5,193
Super Coral Chandelier
by Lumen Center Italia
$4,329 - $12,240
Leaves S Pendant
by Lumen Center Italia
$1,026 - $1,629
Icelight Multi Light Pendant
by Lumen Center Italia
$2,168 - $3,018
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About Lumen Center Italia

Lumen Center Italia has entered the 21st century with great energy. Lumen Center Italia embodies the Italian approach to design: receptive towards contemporary thought, with strong cultural roots, sensitive to aesthetics. Above all, Lumen Center Italia intends to be an Italian design factory, manufacturing lighting devices, prototyped, tested and produced entirely in Italy. An integral 'Made in Italy' factory, reliable, accessible, open, in which to create ceiling lights, chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps of value for the homes of today and tomorrow.