Founded in Milan in the early '90s, NEMO has become a signature name in the industry with its constant innovation and cutting edge design. Working with architectural and design icons, NEMO's fixtures are unique and gorgeous.

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// Top Sellers from Nemo//

Crown Major Chandelier
by Nemo
$3,855 - $8,325
Ellisse Double Pendant
by Nemo
$2,539 - $3,159
In the Wind Horizontal Pendant
by Nemo
$2,456 - $2,758
Crown Plana Linea Pendant
by Nemo
$1,799 - $3,430
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About Nemo

Nemo concepts are bound to go beyond any trend and to last in time. The close collaboration with internationally famous architects, such as Mario Barbaglia, Carlo Colombo and Giancarlo Fassina to quote just a few, and the search for perfection in technology and quality make Nemo products unique in terms of design and performance. The Nemo collection includes luminaires for any kind of environment, both residential and commercial

This is the reason why Nemo carefully selects lighting sources, paying particular attention to fluorescent lamps and to the experimentation and application of LEDs of the last generation. All such solutions grant top performances with low energy consumption.