Venetia Studium

Using luxury fabrics like silk and velvet as a cornerstone of their traditional, elegant designs Venetia Studium is truly a one-of-a-kind lighting manufacturer.

Venetia Studium

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Scudo Saraceno Silk Ceiling Light
by Venetia Studium
$2,384 - $3,986
Scheherazade Silk Multi Tier Pendant
by Venetia Studium
$5,340 - $10,800
Scudo Saraceno Glass Pendant
by Venetia Studium
$2,770 - $6,556

Fortuny lamps are produced exclusively by Venetia Studium, the only company in the world entitled to use the trademark. Sophistication, refined techniques, a high quality finish and attention to detail are the distinctive features of each original lamp.