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Arturo Alvarez designs and develops lamps by hand, innovating along the way with new materials, new concepts and custom projects.

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by Arturo Alvarez
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by Arturo Alvarez
by Arturo Alvarez
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by Arturo Alvarez
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About Arturo Alvarez

arturo alvarez is a brand that designs and develops lamps by hand, exporting them to over80 countries around the world. Innovation constantly leads us to create new products,launching innovative designs to the market that provide solutions to the lighting needs ofinterior design professionals. We are specialists in project customization.

Arturo lvarez (Pontevedra 1964) is an acclaimed Spanish artist who develops his artisticproject in the fields of sculpture and design. Self-taught, in the beginning, he developed hisinnate talent inspired by nature and human. His interpretation of the volumes and theillumination set a strong personality in the creation of surprising scenographies.