ILEX Lighting specializes in the graceful, contemporary designs of the commercial and hospitality industries. However, their sleek fixtures will be right at home in any space that values the clean lines and minimalist appeal of modern design.

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Chroma Pendant
$540 - $812
Ghost Chandelier
$2,177 - $7,722
Hatbox Rectangle Pendant
$4,154 - $6,237
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About ILEX

Specializing in the complex demands of the hospital industry, ILEX offers a wide range of timeless lighting that will complement today's sleek spaces with confidence. With unsurpassed attention to detail from a team of dedicated artisans, the modern minimalism of ILEX merges with classic elements of design and creates a world that is rich with luxury. Browse our selection of wall sconces, ceiling mounts, and chandeliers, and discover how each ILEX fixture is synonymous with grace and sophistication.