Adesso Corp.

Using an impressive array of organic materials from rice-paper to resin to renewable bamboo wood, Adesso has helped revolutionize the contemporary home lighting industry with well-designed lamps that are moderately priced.

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Hamilton Floor Lamp
by Adesso Corp.
Emmett Floor Lamp
by Adesso Corp.
Eliza Pendant
by Adesso Corp.
Colby Desk Lamp
by Adesso Corp.
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About Adesso Corp.

Adesso was established in 1994 based on the belief that there was an under-served niche among consumers who sought high-end, contemporary home products at moderate prices. Since then, Adesso has not only revolutionized the home industry with its innovative products, but also gained substantial recognition for its well-designed and well-priced lamps and RTA furniture, quickly establishing itself as an industry leader and consumer favorite. From the onset, when Adesso first introduced its lighting products, an array of colors and materials were utilized in the design, including metals, rice-paper, woven fabric, glass, resin, renewable bamboo wood and cork!