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Newcomers on the stage, New Zealand's Resident Lighting has already begun to take the lighting design world by storm. Their sleek, clean contemporary lighting is beguiling in its simplicity and beauty, and it looks great in any space.

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// Top Sellers from Resident Lighting //

Tri Pendant
by Resident Lighting
$2,200 - $2,900
Bloom Pendant
by Resident Lighting
$495 - $850
Hex 750 Pendant - Floor Model
by Resident Lighting
Spar Junior Table Lamp
by Resident Lighting
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About Resident Lighting

Resident is a New Zealand based company established in 2011 by Simon James and Scott Bridgens. As a brand focused on artful engineering and ingenuity, Resident's objective is to create lighting that is timeless, clean and mystifyingly simple. With daring materials, talented designers and an efficient production process, Resident brings unique design opportunities to contemporary homes and commercial spaces. Browse our diverse collection of Resident light fixtures and see what New Zealand design has to offer.