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An intriguing mix of old world blacksmithing from the UK and sculptural luminaires from New Orleans, Lucas + McKearn combines is a mix of three established brands, brought together in 2009.

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Neo Table Lamp
by Lucas + McKearn
Trellis Pendant
by Lucas + McKearn
Birdland III Table Lamp
by Lucas + McKearn
Sweet Olive Chandelier
by Lucas + McKearn
$628 - $901
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About Lucas + McKearn

In January 2009, three renowned founders and three established brands came together to form one bold new venture: Lucas + McKearn. Founders Jonathan & Deborah Lucas - a British husband and wife duo - ran UK-based Elstead Lighting, borne out of an old engineering and blacksmithing tradition, known for blending eclectic style with historic reference. Founder Joe McKearn ran Flambeau and Gilded Nola, two decorative brands showcasing designers, sculptors and artists from New Orleans and Baton Rouge, known for creating sophisticated forms with distressed finishes of gold and silver patinas. With those experience in tow, Lucas + McKearn creates modern antiques that feel pulled from the past while entirely relevant today.