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Founded by Italian artist and designer Oçilunam in 2003, In-Es Artdesign creates forward-thinking fixtures like a chalkboard pendant, suspension made with tea bags, and their one-of-a-kind material Nebulite.

In-Es Artdesign

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Luna Tank 1 Floor Lamp
by In-Es Artdesign
Luna Mezza Luna Nebulite Pendant
by In-Es Artdesign
$1,699 - $2,716
Luna Lunar Bottle Wall Light
by In-Es Artdesign
Luna Moon Floor Lamp
by In-Es Artdesign
$865 - $2,938

Founded in 2003 by Italian artist and designer Oilunam, In-Es Artdesign truly embraces experimentation and takes lighting design to another realm. A blend of unique materials and surreal designs form a portfolio of suspensions and lamps that serve as both light sources and abstract works of art. Their unique Nebulite material - a mix of resin and fibers - creates an uneven, soft luminescence reminiscent of the moon's surface. Other experimental materials in their fixtures include blackboard paint, laprene, wool and even tea bags.