Alexa Hampton

The Alexa Hampton collection continues its legacy of elegant, classically based interiors for modern living. Discover the smart, stylish, design-rich solutions that Alexa Hampton provides for every aspect of the home.

Alexa Hampton

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Helios Pendant
by Alexa Hampton
Helios Wide Pendant
by Alexa Hampton
Cordtlandt Semi Flush Ceiling Light
by Alexa Hampton
$236 - $300

Generations Lighting 's Alexa Hampton Collection was born from a family tradition of iconic design. Beginning with Mark Hampton, the patriarch of this stylish family, in 1976. The tailored and classical aesthetic provided by Hampton gained clout from American political royalty such as the Kennedy's, Bush's, and Clinton's. After Mark's passing in 1998, the design torch was passed down to his daughter, Alexa Hampton. Since then, Alexa extended the firms global reach and has built on the classic principles of good design and decoration. Her portfolio encompasses today's most elegant, enduring domestic landscapes.