Monorail 2-Circuit Lighting

The hand-bendable Monorail 2-Circuit allows twice as many fixtures to be used on the same run, with the capability of each circuit being controlled by individual switch/dimmer. This 12V system is ideal for multitask or layers of lighting that require independent light control, like pendants on one circuit and heads on the other.

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PureEdge Lighting

  • Dim or switch two zones of lights separately on the same rail
  • Rail mounts only 1" from ceiling with surface mount transformers
  • Flush clean connectors, no tools needed
  • Pro Aim halogen and powerful LED fixtures
  • Quick delivery

Tech Lighting

  • Control two circuits separately
  • More pendants than any other manufacturer
  • Changeable heads and pendants with Cable lighting system and 120 Volt T-Trak system
  • Quick delivery