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Light Bulbs

There's a bulb for every light fixture - and choosing the right one is essential to keeping yours working perfectly. Each light bulb is different in terms of the type of light you want, and the amount of energy or watts it needs.

Make your space more energy efficient with modern LED light bulbs from Soraa or statement-making LED bulbs from Buster and Punch. Find gorgeous LED light bulbs from Tala or Satco to update your antique light fixture while maintaining that incandescent light bulb look. Install long-lasting task lighting with halogen light bulbs from Bulbrite. Or control the temperature and color of your light with the transformative powers of LED Warm Dim bulbs.

From HIDs, practical fluorescent light bulbs and fluorescent tubes to clean Krypton Xenon light bulbs for industrial and commercial applications, Lightology has thousands of bulbs to choose from. If you're not sure which one is right for your light fixture, ask our ALA-certified lighting experts - we're always happy to help.