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Track Lighting, Monorail Lighting and Cable Lighting

Track, monorail and Kable lighting are versatile lighting systems that let you place overhead lights wherever you need them, regardless of the junction box's location in the ceiling. All three are flexible systems that accommodate adjustable directional heads, pendant lighting or a combination of the two.

For basic, functional lighting, track is the original flexible lighting solution, available as line-voltage or low-voltage systems. Sleek, modern monorail lighting is a more design-conscious version of track lighting. Monorail is available only in low-voltage. For an airy feel, low-voltage Kable lights offer illumination while maintaining a subtle presence.

Light your art, reading areas, countertops and dark corners with accent heads. Add pendants for a decorative look. Use 2-circuit monorail or track lighting to control pendants and accent heads separately.

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