Abysse by Larose Guyon

This stunning collection by the talented creative minds at Larose Guyon celebrates the wonder of nature - inspired by the mysterious, magnificent shapes and textures found in the sea.

Equally sculptural and functional, Abysse evokes the intriguing world of the seabed and the fascinating creatures that live there.

Each globe is hand blown by a Montreal glass artist. A smaller scaled glass globe lies inside, inspired by the texture of sea urchins. Two brass pearls appear to float in each globe, which is suspended by aged brass chains and hand-textured metal cylinders. The effect is simply breathtaking.

Every element of Abysse is an achievement in balance. Lightly smoked glass helps control the brightness of each globe, better evoking the illusion of the sea.

Bold brass chains and pearls sport an aged patina that looks as if they were submerged in seawater for ages. These enhance the warm light, giving it an elemental feel.

With its aged brass chains, rich textures and fascinating hand-blown glass globes, Abysse brings an organic poetry to every space. This gorgeous collection is available with three, five or eight glass globes, and each option comes in two different sizes (large and small).

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