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The story of refined materials is thoughtfully fashioned and retold at Larose Guyon's workshop, where ingenuity, talent and high attention to detail meet harmoniously to yield structured, elevated and luxurious lighting and sculptural works. Both haven and laboratory, it is where the duo conceives original designs and infuses them with rich enchanting narratives. A vast and fluid surrounding nature presents an inexhaustible and vital source of inspiration, supporting the workshop's constant pursuit of the novel and the ideal.

Located in the centre of Verchres, Quebec, this place of rebirth for unique designs, safeguards local time-honoured traditions and fuses uncompromising quality with timeless craft. Devised to accompany a lifetime, Larose Guyon's designs carefully handcrafted, manipulated and assembled are the ultimate testament to the expertise, dedication and creativity of the workshop's skilled artisans.

Housed in a storied 1880 building, then home to Verchres' only general store, the newly modernized space boasts alongside the atelier, an exclusive and by-appointment-only gallery featuring a curated selection of pieces. The studio-cum-showroom allows the discerning visitor to delve into the incredible world of materials, elements, finishes, textures and to see the fabricators' expert hands at work.