Hangar Design Group

Hangar Design Group was founded by Alberto Bovo and Sandra Manente in 1981. Bovo, the current President of HDG, focuses on the aesthetic element of his company’s products while Manente, the current CEO, focuses on the functional element. Bovo, in college, spent much of his class time studying sociology and how to use social trends usefully in the field of design. Manente, on the other hand, spent his time in college learning graphic design, which taught him how different patterns and materials have different properties that allows him to create very pragmatic products. These two genius designers come together to form products that are both practical and beautiful. Hangar Design Group’s work has not gone unnoticed by critics. In 2004, they won the Sky Dish Design award and since then has won numerous awards every year in multiple disciplines from best wine label design to best packaging for their products. Bovo and Manente have been able to use their combined genius to design all sorts of products, not limited to lighting, and be equally as successful at it.

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