Aldo Cibic

Aldo Cibic was born in Schio, Italy in 1955, moving to Milan in 1979 to work with Ettore Sottsass, with whom he became partner in 1980 along with Matteo Thun and Marco Zanini.

"Memphis" was founded in the same year, always under the direction of Sottsass, and Cibic is one of the designers and founders. The language of his work is more orientated towards harmonious ideas and balance of proportions rather than towards the typical "Memphis" language of breaking.

Cibic & Partner started in 1989, where among the works for the different customers, Aldo Cibic designs and manufactures furniture and things with the "standard" trademark: everyday products, the definition of a personal standard (in the meaning of taking care of yourself).

Cibic operates in the fields of architecture, interior design and industrial design. Furthermore, he teaches at the "Domus Academy" in milan and the "Royal College of Art" in London.

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