Jean-Francois Crochet

It was in Paris, 1985, when Sergio Terzani met Jean Franois Crochet, a Parisian designer of fashion boutiques, nightclubs, restaurants and bars. It wasn't long before Crochet joined Sergio's company, Terzani USA, and expanded on its pursuit of la luce pensata, thinking about light. The first product to emerge from their partnership was Antinea for Terzani's Memory Collection, a floor lamp of wrought iron, Murano glass and pietra serena, a type of sandstone once revered by Michelangelo and Brunelleschi. A sense of collective history radiates throughout all of Crochet's lighting designs, including Tresor, which launched in 2007. Composed of precious metal coins reminiscent of shipwrecked pirates and buried treasure, the Tresor collection expands on Crochet's aestheticnot just illuminating a space, but animating it with character and mood.

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