Max Bina is truly a family venture. The company began in the 1970's by father Bruno Padovan. His name literally means 'coming from Padua'. After spending many years with several glassmakers in Murano, Bruno opened his own furnace.

Since 1987, his son Massimo and daughter Sabrina have been continuing their father's activity. In fact, the name Maxbina is a combination of the two siblings' names. In the subsequent years the two have worked hard to distinguish Padovan. They are known for their 'scavo' finishes, which have been seen in shops and showrooms all over the world. Maxbina also produces glass parts for some of the top lighting companies in Italy. The products are the result of the creativity of this brother-sister team. They combine traditional Muranese techniques and innovative design. And now a third generation has joined the firm. Riccardo, Sabrina's son, and Alessio, Sabrina's son-in-law, are working respectively in the cold shop and the furnace. Certainly, Maxbina will continue to grow and prosper with the addition of yet another generation of young talent.

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