Michael Neumayr

Michael Morten Neumayr was born in 1968, in Salzburg, Austria to a Danish mother and an Austrian father. As a child he was fascinated by the rural architecture and tools the farmers used. He started to build his own toys and all kinds of creative contraptions and loved to take things apart, trying to understand how things work, which built the base to become a designer.

In 1988, Neumayr started to study product design at Art Center College of Design (Europe) and later in Pasadena, California started working at Sieger Design. In 1993, Neumayr opened his design studio in Munich and began to study Feng Shui, which became an integral part of Neumayr’s design philosophy.

As a constant traveler, Michael tries to find and understand the differences and common grounds of cultures, which he experienced on his many trips to Asia and Europe. His upbringing in a pristine natural environment gave him sensibility and admiration for the beauty and fragility of nature. His focus is to create holistic design solutions, which embrace the environmental challenges ahead.

Growing up in a country laden with history he finds it intriguing to expose himself to the cultural melting pot of LA, to let cultural differences clash in order to fuse them into truly global design.

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