Annet van Egmond

Annet van Egmond (1964) graduated at the College of Arts, Utrecht, the Netherlands, where she was trained as a sculptor. She has been working as an independent product designer ever since.

Brand van Egmond lighting design studio was founded in 1989 with William Brand, with the sole intention to create art without restraints. They have been working together for more than 22 years, making unique and sensual lighting sculptures that truly capture the imagination.

1989 saw the birth of their first lighting sculpture, called Chandelier.  It was born out of masses or skits or gourds. They initially thought this was a one-off project, but gradually realized that light and sculpture could be interwoven to create a whole new experience.

The Brand van Egmond Lighting Collection Consists of more than 20 lighting collections with names that represent the most valuable stories of inspiration and dedication of our planet earth: Chandelier, Behind the Frosted Glass, Hollywood, Delphinium, Crystal Waters, Rhapsody in Blue, Candles and Spirits, Broom, Night Watch, Icy Lady, Flower Power, Lola, Floating Candles, Love you Love you not, La Vie en Rose, Coco, Digital Dreams, Pin-Up, Table D'Amis, Diamonds from Amsterdam and Crushed Cover.

Nowadays, Brand van Egmond lighting is used in prestigious projects worldwide. One of the most recent projects is the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

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