Pio + Tito Toso

Pio and Tito Toso are brothers, born in Venice, Pio in 1973 and Tito in 1971. Both had graduated from University of Venice with degrees in architecture in 1998. Since 1996, however, they began to collaborate to form company, working in the field of architecture realizing a number of projects on the national and international territory and participating in various competitions. A large portion of the brothers' work comes from collaboration with such world-renown design companies as: Artemide, Foscarini, Leucos, Vistosi, Italy Design Studio, lighting and Alessi Metalco, Rossi di Albizzate, Colombo Design, Frighetto , Fly Line, Doimo, and Segisper furniture. They have collaborated on the design of stands, exhibitions, stores, lighting, offices and warehouses for different companies, taking care of their image and graphics.

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