George Kovacs

George Kovacs has often been called "the father of modern American lighting", and his company has been bringing innovative and poetic products to market for nearly 50 years.

Kovacs' life in lighting began after he graduated from college in 1949 and found employment in a lamp store. As his interest grew, he enrolled at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn to study design. In 1954, he opened his first lamp store, a small retail shop on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. Business was a success from the start, and he opened a second location in 1956.

Soon he met and hired the architect Robert Sonneman to produce new designs, and this alliance would result in some of the icons of contemporary lighting. By the late 1960s, Kovacs started manufacturing Sonneman's designs at a small factory in Queens. Design and manufacture of contemporary lighting has been his main focus from those early days until the present, and the Kovacs name is associated with a number of prominent designers.

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