Nicolette Brunklaus

Nicolette Brunklaus maintains that only exceptional design can tell the whole story. She works viscerally, manipulating texture, colour and shape, to create pieces that inspire personal memories whose messages resonates universally, bringing her own individuality into the consumers personal environment where it might take it's own story.

Nicolette Brunklaus is more than a storyteller. Her products have become internationally recognized for their unique point of view and the designer herself has become an icon. Brunklaus claims a vital need for high quality, unique products and rejects uniformity. Her goal is to produce  special objects that enhance the surrounding space of the owner.

She is consistent in dismissing existing trends, instead Nicolette Brunklaus is a leader in setting new ones. From inception, Brunklaus Amsterdam has roused new directions in the field of design. Most recognizable are Nicolette's printed designs, on textiles and lighting.

Nicolette Brunklaus has devoted her life to creating exceptional products. Her tenacious individuality is never lost on customers who relish her designs as narrative gems to a hidden story. As she claims herself: '.....there will always be those who want to express their individuality and search for inimitable, unique products...'

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