Christophe Pillet

Graduated in 1985 at the Academy of Decorative Arts in Nice, then attends a Master at Domus Academy in Milan, where he was able to start the two-year collaboration with Martine Bedin. In 1988 he moved to Paris and started a profitable business for five years and an assistant to Philippe Starck. In 1994 he reached the honors of best maker of the year. Its activities range from furniture design to product design, from interior design to architecture, to installations. In his creations blend inspiration drawn from the natural elements as well as from the imagination of the 60s. He's a supporter of the fact that design is inevitably destined to a mainstream audience and that the designer is not a specialist of objects but of a way of life. He has exhibited his works at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Lucerne and in many other places of prestige.

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