Marcus Papay

How long have you been in business/making lighting fixtures?
Marcus Papay: Between my business partner and I we have over 15 years of experience in furniture/lighting design and sales.

What is your background?
MP: I received a BA in Applied Design and a Masters in Fine Arts from San Diego State University with an emphasis in furniture in the Furniture Design Department. While there I began to develop a technique of wrapping carbon fiber around removable forms to achieve unusual shapes. During the experimentation period I went from creating large vessel forms and life size human sculpture and later more contemporary forms such as the Sinuous Lighting Line, applying more geometric shapes. Today Papay Designs is creating lighting elements that play with the relationship of hand-made and industrial design.

Where does your design/creative inspiration come from?
MP: I am always inspired by classic design. Mid-century designers interest me the most. They were working during a period of innovation, when materials and processes were becoming more advanced and available to designers. Designers like Charles and Ray Eames who revolutionized the way we apply industrial processes to furniture, and George Nelson, one of the founders of American Modernism, played a big role in my inspiration while developing as a designer and a maker. All of the design coming out of this period was focused on material and functionality, which is the foundation of my design aesthetic.

What are the materials used in your lamps?
MP: We use Entropy “Super Sap” resin, which is an epoxy resin reclaimed from the bio-refinery and formulated with new technologies that support green chemistry in the attempt to reduce our carbon footprint. We add pigment to the epoxy and apply it to the fiberglass strands with a tricky little device we developed in our own shop. The wood we use is always FSC certified and comes from sustainable sources that are being responsibly harvested in the US. We are also using extruded aluminum elements for minimal waste. Our goal is to use all material with an additive method and not a reductive method, which utilizes material in a more conservative manor and produces less material to be discarded.

Anything else we should know?
MP: Papay Designs is a California company through and through, we represent design aesthetics and lifestyles as seen through our eclectic lens. We encourage the end user to experience a sinuous life.

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