Colombo Barbaglia

Mario Barbaglia and Marco Columbo are two of Nemos most prominent designers. Barbaglia and Columbo have designed a vast majority of Nemos highly successful product line, including the Aquarius Wall or Ceiling Light, Bridge Collection, Dove Desk Lamp, and Logo Collection.

These fine lighting collections and individual masterpieces are characterized by cutting edge technology, innovation, quality, and versatility. Together, Barbaglia and Columbo's innovative designs feature extreme uniqueness above all else. Their astounding creations are true genius; unmatched by any other designer or manufacturer.

Their fixtures are practical, and can be used in several different applications. All of Mario and Marcos works of art and light are constructed using only the finest quality materials, and only the best finishes in the lighting industry.

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Dove Table Lamp
Dove Table Lampby Nemo
$431 - $503