Tom Rossau

The self-taught, Danish designer, Tom Rossau was born in Faarevejile, Denmark (1970). As a child, Rossau never stopped creating, using whatever he could get his hands on, his primary item(s) being LEGOS. Even at a young age, Rossau’s destiny was sealed. Keeping his love for design and his child like wonder, Rossau founded his now iconic company in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1997. The company originally got its start in sewing leather clothing, however this changed in 2004 when he began crafting his one-of-a-kind natural wooden veneers that are both elegant and sustainable. As the years continued on, Rossau’s brand expanded into other luxury products like coffee tables and dining tables, yet regardless of the item, each piece speaks to the importance of quality as well as the significance of having unique personality.

Creative, idiosyncratic and a patient designer, Tom Rossau thrives on his own boredom, allowing him to push new and innovative ideas to the surface. Rossau has mastered the art of light, basks in it and has found a terrific and intriguing balance between functionality, energy efficiency and sustainability.

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