Greta M. Grossman

Greta M. Grossman (1906 1999) is a well-known pioneer of design in both Europe and North America. After completing her fellowship at the Stockholm Arts Institution in Konstfack, she opened a studio that functioned both as a store and a workshop. That year Grossman married a jazz musician by the name of Billy Grossman with whom she later immigrated to Los Angeles. Once settling, Grossman opened another store on Rodeo Drive where she was among the first to bring a Scandinavian modern aesthetic to the U.S. Her unique approach to Swedish modernism soon attracted celebrity clients, including Frank Sinatra, Ingrid Bergman, Gracie Allen and more, igniting LA's longstanding modernism scene. She joins the ranks of Charles Eames and Isamu Noguchi as design icons of the midcentury.

Grossman is most known for her Grashoppa Floor Lamp and her Cobra Table Lamp. Her famous designs are in museums, including MoMA in New York and the National Museum in Stockholm.

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