July 11, 2019

Step Inside Delta’s
Futuristic Lobby

When you look up in Delta’s Main Lobby and Woolman Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia, you’re greeted by an architectural lighting masterpiece. Sleek lines of LED light shoot to the left, stretch to the right, zig-zagging and criss-crossing to form something like an abstract, geometric mosaic.

At first glance, it appears almost three-dimensional, an optical illusion where the ceiling appears to be undulating like the facets of a gem. But what appears to be a random design is in fact Delta’s own flight paths - the perfect blend of light, art and science into one stunning installation.

From the mind of interior design firm Idea|Span, the Delta campus highlights the future of lighting: High-tech, high concept and highly innovative. Redesigning a space that greets thousands of people each week, the goal was to create something that not only impresses and invites new visitors, but calms and relaxes those working there every day.

At PureEdge Lighting, we build the tools that allow designers to bring their creative visions to life. I give the architect a stick of light, they come back with something awe-inspiring. Projects like this are what invigorate me to keep designing.
-Greg Kay, President & CEO of PureEdge Lighting & Lightology

Recessed lighting evolved from its invention in the 1940s and ‘50s, as technology allowed for smaller housings and more customizable trim options. The TruLine plaster-in lighting used at Delta is one of PureEdge Lighting’s most innovative products, an industry-first that plasters into 5/8 “ thick drywall, making it possible to install architectural lighting into just about any surface.

Idea|Span needed something truly customizable for this project, and fast. Specializing in customization and personalized installations, PureEdge Lighting was up to the task, turning the project around at lightning speed and creating several new custom components along the way.

We completed this project in record time, and after we shipped everything out, things went silent. Six months later, we received images of the completed project and we thought ‘wow, they’re already done!’ It was one of our smoothest projects to date, and I’m truly proud of that.
-Greg Kay, President & CEO of PureEdge Lighting and Lightology

In the end, the Delta project pushes the future of lighting into new directions, and perfectly embodies the mantra behind PureEdge Lighting: Let the drywall be your canvas.

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