Top 9 Dorm Rooms Lamps

The back-to-school season is upon us, which can only mean one thing for college students – it’s time to deck out the dorm room. With limited space and even less privacy, it can be difficult to create a room that truly feels like a home-away-from-home. That’s where seriously stylish LED desk lamps come in, hitting the trifecta of dorm room décor. LED desk lamps are highly functional lights to study and live by, but they take up very little room and desk space, and they help mark your territory by declaring your own personal style.

Check out Lightology’s picks for the top 9 contemporary LED desk and floor lamps for dorms. (For more info on why LED is the way to go, read 5 Reasons to Choose an LED Desk Lamp. Read How to Find the Best Desk Lamp for You for a breakdown of the ins and outs of task lighting.)

Dorm Rooms Desk Lamps

Z-Bar Mini by Koncept

Clean contemporary design with the energy savings of LED, excellent light distribution, and multiple ways to adjust the lamp and put the light right where you want it. Available in a variety of fun colors, Koncept’s Z-Bar Mini lights your workspace effectively while taking up minimal space. It really is the perfect lamp for the dorm room desk.

Equo LED Warm White Floor Lamp by Koncept

The Equo is another winner from Koncept Lighting. Available as both a floor lamp and a desk lamp, Equo boasts a contemporary minimalist style and great light distribution suited for any task. The sliding touch dimmer is an added plus and adjusts very easily.

Kelvin LED Green Desk Lamp by Flos

The Kelvin LED Green Desk Lamp has everything great about the original Kelvin plus more to love. Kelvin Green has the same contemporary design and sleek finish, the same touch dimming on the lamp head, and the same warm white color temperature. The Green edition also has a special sensor that senses a room’s ambient light levels and automatically adjusts light output accordingly. It's smart, sexy, and energy efficient.

Pixo LED Table Lamp by Pablo

Spritely and playful in its design, the Pixo LED table lamp from San Francisco-based Pablo is perfect for both intense study, or a relaxing read with a little down-time. Pixo’s head and arm both rotate 360 degrees, while the arm itself also tilts a full 180 degrees. Best, Pablo has made a commitment to green design. Not only does the product operate on a miniscule 5 watts, but it ships safely in environmentally-friendly, minimal packaging.

Link Small Floor Lamp by Pablo

The Link Small Floor Lamp takes iconic Pablo aesthetics and performance off the table, and on to the floor. With five vibrant finish options from which to choose, Link is a great choice for many a dorm room. The body swivels 360 degrees to direct light where you need it most, and the head tilts 180 degrees. 25,000 hours lamp life guarantees the fixture will last well beyond the time spent pursuing a 4-year degree.

Horizon LED Desk Lamp by Humanscale

The Horizon LED desk lamp one of the nicest looking LED lamps available. The lamp itself has a diffuser which helps eliminate multiple shadow effect that you get with some lamps with more exposed LED's. It has three beautiful finishes and a fantastic overall design. It's even part of MOMA's permanent collection. The light is very adjustable and the switch has a night light so you can find it in the dark.

Edison the Petit Cordless LED Table Lamp by Fatboy USA

Although more of a night light than a desk lamp, Edison the Petit is nothing if not perfect form the dorm. Durable, lightweight, moisture-resistant, and easily cleaned, this cordless lamp glows for eight hours at the highest setting on a single charge.

Hue Beyond Table Lamp Starter Kit (includes Bridge) by Philips

Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp is the ultimate dorm room lamp. Choose from a variety of lighting effects at the touch of a button, including warm white light when you want to relax, cool energizing daylight when you want to study, endless colored light options, uplighting, and downlighting. Sync with your smartphone and other devices to control remotely, set alarms, receive message and social media notifications as gentle pulses of light, sync your lighting to the beat of music or movies, and much more.

Tolomeo Micro Table Lamp by Artemide

In the land of personal style statements, the Micro Tolomeo is king. Available in a rainbow of punchy colors, these charming lamps are nothing if not fun and functional. Although only the aluminum finish is available in LED at the moment, an LED retrofit bulb is all that’s needed to make these colorful lamps green and eco-friendly.

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Top Sellers

Z-Bar LED Floor Lamp

Z-Bar LED Floor Lamp
by Koncept Lighting

Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp

Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp
by Koncept Lighting
$333 - $462

Tolomeo Micro Desk Lamp

Tolomeo Micro Desk Lamp
by Artemide
$365 - $375