A Look at Lightfair 2017

When it comes to the world of architecture and design, lighting differs from many of the other disciplines. Furniture, wallpaper, tile -- all are focused on craftsmanship and aesthetic. Lighting brings a third element to the table: Technology. And when you’re looking for the latest in lighting technology, look no further than Lightfair.

Now in its 28th edition, Lightfair 2017 brought the industry’s finest to Philadelphia for 3 days of forward-thinking talks and cutting-edge technology. Thousands of attendees and over 550 vendors from around the world unveiled the latest and greatest, from architectural lighting and outdoor designs to touch-screen controls, Warm Dim technology, LED breakthroughs and more. Here’s a look at what caught our eye.

Mod Squad

Lighting is no longer one-size-fits-all. Every space has unique needs: An urban loft with an open ceiling may need lighting to blend in with the exposed pipes and ductwork. A small powder room may want to save on floor space and go with an innovative lighting system built directly into the walls. A large hotel atrium may need to build a fixture large enough for their oversized space. Whatever the case, many brands are coming out with clever ways to accommodate.


New from PureEdge Lighting, Pipeline is a build-it-yourself LED solution, that lets you build your own fixture. Available in a variety of sizes, each pipe click together, letting you direct light up, down, vertical, horizontal, any way you like. Rather than follow the traditional square design most modular systems offer, Pipeline mimics the shapes found in most open-ceiling spaces, seamlessly blending with existing pipes and ducts. What’s more, you can hang track lights for those little extra highlights -- it’s modular lighting for the modern era.

Truline Letters of Passion

Just like many works of art, lighting conveys an emotion, which becomes even more powerful when combined with the other senses. PureEdge pulled it all together in one of the most Instagram-worthy spots on the showfloor, with their new Truline Letters of Passion. Words from Dylan Thomas’s “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” flashed while Bob Dylan’s “Let Me Die In My Footsteps” played overhead, creating a flood of senses that had to be experienced. With Truline Letters of Passion, you can create any word or phrase you’d like--it’s the neon sign for the 21st century, only with modern, eco-friendly LEDs.

Lighting is about conveying an emotion. Bob Dylan got his stage name from Dylan Thomas, and when we paired the two together with Truline, it transformed their powerful words and song into something you truly feel.” Greg Kay

Zip, Nova and Cirrus Modular Suspension

Similar to Pipeline and Truline Letters of Passion, Zip, Nova and Cirrus modular suspensions allow you to create your own designs and words overhead. Thin, squared lines of light piece together in whatever way you’d like -- create a zig zag pattern down your hallway, follow the lines of your office ceiling, write the alphabet in a kid’s room, light up a narrow kitchen island or create something abstract ala Piet Mondrian. The possibilities are truly endless.


Sonneman - A Way of Light continues to build out their Suspenders collection, offering new designs and new functionality that allows you to fully personalize your fixture. Create linear, zig zag, or rings of light and find the sconces most suitable for your space and style.

Architecture is about creating systems that can be repeated, scaled. That’s what we’re doing with lighting." Robert Sonneman


Installing a light can feel so permanent. Things may look good at night, but perhaps you want to mix it up on a cloudy day, or refocus your spotlight to give your room a different feel. Several new, adjustable products on the market help make things feel less set in stone.

Tie Stix

Clean, contemporary and with an endless selection of wood and metal finishes, PureEdge Tie Stix work well in virtually any environment. The adjustable horizontal fixtures pair perfectly above a bathroom vanity or dressing mirror, directing light exactly where you need it. The adjustable vertical fixtures work well in a hallway or bedroom, directing light both inward and upward for a mood that shifts entirely when moved.


A gyroscope-inspired showstopper from Modern Forms, a WAC Lighting company, the Kinetic pendant twists and turns four large rings for a look that’s straight from the future. Align the rings together for a clean, simple form or rotate them outward to create endless shapes and patterns.

Warm Dim & Tunable White

Color and temperature controls continue to evolve for LEDs -- long gone are the days of cold, uncontrollable blue hues. The power is in your hands, and many brands are helping shape the way we dim and dial in. Warm Dim mimics the glow of a sunset -- as you dim the brightness, you raise the red hues, casting a warm tone that looks good on everyone. Tunable White offers even more control, giving you the power to shift the hue however you’d like. Bright and blue, soft and orange - make it however you’d like, all at the tap of an App.

Archipelago’s bulbs closely mimic the glow of an incandescent, but with the added benefits of LED
Linear Warm Dim from Fluxwerx

Textures. Shadows. Colors.

Lightfair puts technology to the forefront, with apps giving homeowners full control, and 3D printing making an appearance. Tech aside, a few design trends quietly emerged. Wood continues to be a material on the rise, pared with clean, contemporary shapes for a look that defies time. Gold is the new copper, many times hidden for a pop of shimmer where you least expect it. Color has a similar story, with more muted pastels dominating the lighting landscape. Outdoor fixtures turned shadows into art, creating bold patterns and visual interest in unlikely places. Just like the arts, fashion, music and film, no one trend dominates anymore -- today’s home and business owner wants options, and the lighting world is ready to offer them all.

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